Concertina Art

Concertina art

A few weeks ago we did concertina art. It’s where you partner up, and both  draw something e.g a sunset. One is at night and one is at day. On the back of the drawing, you draw lines across the whole page, make the lines about 2cm apart,(both do this). You draw numbers and the other writes letters. Cut it on the lines and then get some cardboard, after you cut the lines up, put the strips of paper like 1 a 2 b etc. after that trim it if you need to then fold it like your making a fan, then unfold it then you will get the result.

Term 3 Inquiry

Term 3 Inquiry In inquiry the year 4,5 and 6 have been learning about renewable resources like wind, solar and hydropower. Each time we rotate we learn about different kinds of energy. In room 8 we learnt about solar, room Tawa we learnt about hydro, in room 6 we learnt about wind turbines and in room 7 we learnt about the non-renewable resources like coal, oil and natural gas. We had to do research and go websites like ducksters. Next we are going to use that knowledge to help us with our Science Fair projects and our research project.
Our display so far.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

Lately, room 8 has been doing a program called Keeping Ourselves Safe. One of the things we have been doing is No Excuse For Abuse. We learned all of the different types of abuse and why they are not ok. Here they are: -Cyber abuse -Emotional abuse -Physical abuse -Neglect -Family violence -Sexual abuse
We have had both Constable Anna and Constable Pip come and talk to us. We are learning a lot about keeping ourselves and others safe in lots of different ways.

Egg Sitting

Eggcellent Egg Care
On the 12th of August the year 5 and 6 Syndicate had an egg sitting week to learn about taking care of babies. They had to bring a non-boiled egg to school for four days from Tuesday to Friday, most did not complete the challenge although some did. It was a fun but challenging experience.

Corn Bread

Corn Bread
In room 8 we made corn bread for teach me friday. triston taught us.  we did it step by step and it tasted amazing. we all loved it the class couldn’t stop smelling it. they ate it and it was amazing :).


Interschool 2019
This term we have played four different schools in a variety of sports. We have played rugby, netball, football, basketball and chess. It has been a lot of fun and we have shown good sportsmanship, perseverance and resilience. Interschool has given us the opportunity to represent our school in sports and activities we enjoy. We have also had a fabulous group of people who have welcomed our guests, organised afternoon tea, taken lots of great photos and helped with the score keeping and time keeping. It has been a fantastic experience.


Gymnastics sessions at the YMCA
This term we are having two gymnastics sessions at the YMCA. The instructors are teaching us how to do a lot of different activities safely. 
We have been using:  The beam - walking, jumping, dipping our foot to the side all while we remember to keep our head up looking forwards.
 Learning to do forward rolls, handstands and cartwheels.Jumping off the little trampoline and landing safely on the big mat. Bouncing our way down the bouncy mat learning to point our toes and use our arms for momentum.
It is a lot of fun! 
Warm up
Beam time with bouncy mats next door...